Connections Overview

Learn about Connections, your link to payment service providers.

Preczn uses Connections to indicate which fintech service providers your platform supports. Utilize Connections for each payments processor, payment facilitation provider, and / or lender your Merchants will perform transactions against.

Connection Types

Currently Preczn offers multiple types of payment Connections to meet your Platform's needs.

Connections Supported


Preczn is continually adding new Connections. Please let us know if your payment facilitation partner is not yet available and we will work to tailer our solution to your Platform needs.

ConnectionConnection TypePayment Method(s) Supported
Adyen for PlatformsPlatform ProcessorCC, ACH
PayrixPlatform ProcessorCC, ACH, Apple Pay Coming Soon
Stripe ConnectPlatform ProcessorCC
FinixPlatform ProcessorCC, ACH
AdyenDirect ProcessorCC, ACH
AffinipayDirect ProcessorCC
BraintreeDirect ProcessorCC
CheckoutDirect ProcessorCC
MerchantEDirect ProcessorCC
PayPalDirect ProcessorDepends on methods saved in Payer's wallet
StripeDirect ProcessorCC
GreenSkyLending ProcessorLending
NelnetLending ProcessorLending
JarisService ProcessorB2B Lending

What’s Next

Learn more about Connection types.