The onboard endpoint is primarily used to initiate merchant onboarding to a connection. However, the endpoint may also be used to restart the onboarding process in the event of an error during onboarding (such as a data integrity issue) or to patch requested change data as the result of an RFI.

The action taken with vary based on the status of the merchant connection when calling the endpoint:

Connection.StatusAction Taken
readyMerchant data will be transmitted to the connection and underwriting with the connection will begin.
errorThe onboarding process will start from where it last experienced the error. Upon completion, underwriting with the connection will begin.
RFIThe data collected to fulfill the RFI request will be compared with the previously submitted data. Any differences between the originally submitted data and the updated information will be reconciled during the request, and communication will be initiated to inform the connection that the RFI data has been transmitted.
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